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Table of contents and Introduction:

Introduction: The Very Varied World of Spanking Delights

The Perfect Dom Lucy Felthouse
Birthday Boy Cecilia Duvalle
Unwrapping Craig J. Sorensen
The Assignment Donna George Storey
A Game of Numbers Kiki DeLovely
Mermaid Teresa Noelle Roberts
Butch Girls Don’t Cry Giselle Renarde
Echo J. Sinclaire
Bitch Elizabeth Silver
The Price of Experience Kate Dominic
The Spanking Salon Elizabeth Coldwell
The Impact of Change Maggie Morton
Writer’s Block Evan Mora
Lessons Learned Jade Melisande
Invitation to a Spanking Andrea Dale
A Timely Correction Dorothy Freed
Spanking the Monkey Cynthia Rayne
Shine Shanna Germain
Papers to Grade Thomas S. Roche
Lean on Me Adele Haze
Proxy Lucy Hughes
Bad Boy Isabelle Gray
Marks Rachel Kramer Bussel

Introduction: The Very Varied World of Spanking Delights

Spanking fans, sometimes called spankos, come in many types, just as spankings do. Some people love the role-playing aspect, the way engaging in spanking allows them to enter another persona, become a heightened, kinkier version of themselves. All these and more are represented in this varied collection of spanking stories.

In some of these tales, spanking is simply a given, an innate part of a couple’s (or single’s) life, a way of communicating, connecting and loving. It’s the ultimate give-and-take for the partners who engage in it, and they are able to read each other’s verbal and physical cues. These are the characters who come prepared—or at least think they do—like the narrator in Shanna Germain’s “Shine,” who lays out a round leather paddle, a rawhide flogger with suede tails (“a mean little toy”) and a metal zester. Germain delivers a before, during and after that is the type of story I know I will reread again and again. In my story “Marks,” a couple embarks on a vacation to a nudist resort armed with spanking implements as well, but they get used in a way Emma, at first fearful of what her fellow vacationers will think of her kink desires, wasn’t expecting.

“A Timely Correction,” by Dorothy Freed, looks at a Master and sub where spanking is part and parcel of their relationship. Vincent is a stickler for punctuality; Lucy, not so much, and when her lateness finally makes him take her to task, she claims, “If I’d known what Vincent had planned for me, I might have stayed on the plane.” One can’t help but think she’s a bit of an unreliable narrator at that moment, or rather, that she captures the way many who want spankings also want to act like they don’t. Perhaps it’s even more complex than that: Lucy wants to get spanked, but by entering into an agreement where Vincent determines how hard and how long, she has forfeited her agency, which, protest though she might, turns her on very, very much.

For other characters, spanking unfolds as part of a burgeoning relationship, or there’s a shift in who’s doing the spanking and who’s getting spanked. In “Proxy,” by Lucy Hughes, when a man’s lover isn’t available, a stranger is sent to his home to do the deed, while his lover watches by webcam. There, the actions may be the same, but the intent behind them, and the reason lonely Zach submits, are different and arousing anew. Hughes draws out the tension between all three characters to its maximum effect. She writes, “Zach loved the fact that both of them were enjoying themselves at his expense,” capturing the thrill of pure submission.

Then there are the curious characters, including writer Ms. Patterson, in Donna George Storey’s “The Assignment,” who goes to investigate a professional spank daddy and winds up getting a very personal, gonzo journalism look at how he’s become so successful. In Elizabeth Coldwell’s “The Spanking Salon,” a woman sneaks into the famed Salon to slake her curiosity and becomes the centerpiece of the action, much to her delight. Other surprises include the woman vacationing in Giselle Renarde’s “Butch Girls Don’t Cry” and the titular “Bad Boy” in Isabelle Gray’s story, who expresses his shock outright, while the woman spanking him calmly continues delivering her blows, making him see not only the error of his ways, but that being “punished,” with his own belt no less, is something he didn’t know he would enjoy quite so much.

Other stories simply revel in the art of spanking, in the way it affects so many senses at once, in how lost the spanker and spankee can get in their actions. In “Echo,” by J. Sinclaire, the semipublic setting adds to the naughtiness of a very thorough, loud and glorious encounter.

As Shanna Germain writes after the spanking scene in “Shine,” “Somewhere, the pinpricks of pain become a flush, a burn, a test that I have endured and won. My ass radiates heat as though I have a fever. And the rest of me moves into a space that is beyond anything else, beyond pain, beyond the soft brush of Rob’s fingers along my clit, beyond the soft mews that come from my mouth.” That sense of victory, of pain turned into something so much more, of communion with a partner through the act of spanking, is what makes these stories come alive and what makes them so powerful.

Rachel Kramer Bussel
New York City

In the meantime, check out editor Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica and Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories.

Watch the book trailer below:

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Table of Contents

Introduction: “A Fantastic Kind of Pain”

Spanking You Rick Roberts
Perfect Bound Shanna Germain
Betty Crocker Gone Bad Alison Tyler
Laser Tag Madeline Glass
A Rare Find Donna George Storey
Game, Set, Match Sage Vivant
Tied Down Andy Ohio
Through a Glass, Sharply Elizabeth Coldwell
Reunion Madlyn March
Riding the Storm Thomas Christopher
The Breeding Barn L. Elise Bland
Pink Cheeks Fiona Locke
Page by Page Laura Bacchi
Fiscal Discipline Simon Sheppard
Pre-Party Thomas S. Roche
Still Life with Infidels #56 M. David Hornbuckle
Indulgences Tenille Brown
Logan Rosalind Christine Lloyd
Daddy’s Girl Teresa Noelle Roberts
The Depths of Despair Rachel Kramer Bussel

Introduction: “A Fantastic Kind of Pain”

Just as I have a seemingly endless capacity to bare my ass and get it smacked soundly or make a squirming bottom hover on the edge of erotic oblivion with loud, ringing, stinging whack after whack, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading stories about spanking. There was a time when I wasn’t sure I could say that; after all, just how much is there to say about bending over and letting a firm hand connect with a pertly offered-up bottom? Or striking a pretty pair of buttcheeks so well the person beneath you moans in ecstatic agony? Well, as I’ve learned while editing this collection, there are an infinite number of ways to talk about the pleasures of getting spanked or spanking someone. While the actions may look alike, we all experience them differently and have different motives for indulging in this beloved kinky activity.

Me? I get off on just thinking about bending over for that special someone. Maybe I’m wearing panties, and only part of my bottom is visible. Maybe I’m not, and my spanker can see everything, including my wetness. I get wet at the mere idea of offering up my entire body to a lover to play with, tease, spank, and arouse. I’ve also had plenty of eager bottoms spread before me, offering asses that just begged to be spanked, whether they speak words to that effect or not. But for me, and for many others, spanking is about much more than just the physical. It’s about what that sensation creates inside of us. Spanking breaks down our barriers in ways even sex sometimes doesn’t; it stirs up emotions; it makes us whimper or cry, or be proud of just how much we can take. It’s primal and powerful, not to mention incredibly popular. I was thrilled to see spanking make an appearance on Showtime’s Californication, where the bratty, bossy bottom of a secretary demands that her boss spank her for any office infraction. “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” indeed.

And those who bestow spankings, whether with hands, paddles, hairbrushes, or other devices, relish that power to bring pleasure and pain mixed together, to completely undo the person they are spanking with just a few (or possibly many) whacks.

The authors included here get just how intense spanking can be. Reading these stories took my breath away, and, even more so than my previous collections (Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z 1 and 2), made me instantly horny. They’ve tapped into the beauty of spanking in a way that newbies, seasoned spankophiles, and those who are simply curious will be able to understand in an instant.

Rick Roberts opens this anthology with “Spanking You,” a story I’ve read and reread numerous times, mesmerized by its rendering of a man so entranced by the vision he makes when he spanks his girlfriend, you imagine he could do it all night, every night, and never tire of it. He even offers up a little bit of a how-to for those would-be spankers looking for the courage to simply turn him or her over and begin this sensual process:

I used to tease you at the beginning of every spanking. As you’d kneel before me on the bed, not a stitch of clothing on your tan body, I’d fake the first blow—stopping just short of your ass, letting the air kiss your skin—and then place an affectionate caress onto your behind. By removing the certainty of whether the next sensation would be soft or a stinging slap, I’d keep you centered in the moment, keep you waiting and vulnerable, and your anticipation for the spanking grew. I would look down at you and smile, knowing that your desire for the first slap on your ass was growing unbearable by the moment.

Part of the thrill of spanking someone is being able to dangle what they most desire before them, to see them there waiting, panting, asking for it with body and soul, to know (or at least, fantasize) that they can’t get off any other way than by the “punishment” you are about to deliver. Elizabeth Coldwell paints a portrait of a true top in “Through a Glass, Sharply,” when she writes, “You have never really known power until the man you love is at your feet, naked or very nearly so, helpless and vulnerable, while you remain fully dressed and completely in control.”

Madlyn March describes a first-time spanking in a way that will be familiar to any who have gasped, trembling, as they realized they not only can take, but crave, a whole lot more spanking than they’d initially expected:

I remembered how it felt when Mimi did it to me. At first, you’re surprised someone’s hitting you, even if you’ve asked her to. Then you’re excited. Then you’re in pain, but it’s a fantastic kind of pain. Each slap makes you want more, as much as you can take, until you can’t take any more, and you’re shaking, more than ready to have an orgasm, the kind that can only be gotten from a woman diving headfirst into you with her wet tongue licking rapidly.

Any time an author can make me hot for something that in real life actually unnerves me, I’m sold. I’m not usually a fan of Daddy/girl stories, but in Teresa Noelle Roberts’ excellent story, simply entitled “Daddy’s Girl,” she renders that role-playing relationship and its spanking potential perfectly, dissecting her characters’ motivations while maintaining the magic they each hold so dear about their arrangement.

For some people, spanking is playful, almost sillyæsexy in a way that makes you laugh as you come. This spirit is alive and well in L. Elise Bland’s “The Breeding Barn,” where a cheese paddle does double duty on the ass of an unsuspecting but happy boy bottom. And for the woman who goes by the name “Pink Cheeks” in the story of the same title, her fantasy comes true, to the letter, though in a setting she’d never have expected.

What I love most about this book is that while there are plenty of naughty boys and girls, that potentially clichéd setup never gets boring, because the authors take you right there, into the heart of a punishment spanking, letting you know that, on some level, each of these naughty boys or girls doesn’t just deserve but needs to be spanked for his or her own reasons. The authors play around with these tropes, recreating the act of spanking until it morphs into something endlessly entertaining, just as a good top can keep a bottom on the edge, smacking harder and harder, then backing off, drawing out the play.

While I’ve subtitled this book, “Red-Cheeked Erotica,” what happens on the surface of the skin is just the beginning when it comes to spanking. There’s an elegance, a poetry, a beauty to spanking that is much more akin to making love than fucking. It’s a rhythm, a beat, a gracefulness, a way two people can connect without saying a word. These elements come together in M. David Hornbuckle’s simple yet powerful “Still Life with Infidels #56,” in which a planned kidnapping is set against the sparse backdrop of a steel mill as two recently reunited lovers attempt to recover what they’d lost.

The thrill of erotic spanking is nothing new, even if each time can make even the most experienced bottom feel like a blushing virgin all over again. James Joyce wrote a series of spanking-loving letters to his beloved wife Nora in December 1909 (and for a lesson in the art of sensual, utterly kinky yet romantic erotica, look up Joyce’s naughty letters online). I cannot legally quote him here, though believe me, Joyce was a fullon spankophile according to these missives, understanding precisely what it means to submit (and to willingly struggle).

As I already told you, when it comes to spanking, I simply can’t get enough. I hope these stories turn you on, inspire you, and spark your own imagination about just how hot a spanking from someone who knows exactly what he’s doing can make you.

Rachel Kramer Bussel
New York City

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